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Programme of Science in Society

Dear student,

We are working on solutions for hybrid education that will take place online and on campus. Therefore the instructional modes, number of exams, the form of the exams and/or assignments may change. You will be informed through Brightspace in case of changes. The course information in the Course guide provides an indication of what you can expect in the course.

In the case of not being able to attend one or more practical courses/lab days due to corona measures, the course coordinator will decide if the student is obligated to re-take the missed meeting and how this will take place.
In order to create a coherent programme contact your student advisor.

The specialisation Science in Society contains the following programme specific components:

A. Major 24 EC
B. Master Seminar 6 EC
C. Mathematical electives 23 EC
D. Philosophy course 3 EC
E. Professional Preparation 1 EC
F. Free elective 6 EC
G. SiS specific programme 57 EC

Overall, a maximum of 12 ec of third year bachelor's courses Mathematics is allowed, to be approved by the examination board.

A. Major (24 EC)

A coherent set of components (meaning either compulsory courses or electives) from one of the research specialisations, as referred to in this Prospectus. Also consult the list of Mastermath courses (pdf, 75 kB) for possibilities. In case you have questions or need help, contact your student advisor.

B. Master Seminar (6 EC)

C. Mathematical electives (23 EC):

Mathematical electives to be approved by the Examination Board.

D. Philosophy (3 EC)

One of the following courses should be completed:

E. Professional Preparation (1 EC)

F. Free electives (6 EC)

Not necessarily within mathematics.

G. SiS specific programme (57 EC)