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Transition rules new-to-old courses

The specialization Human Biology replaces the specialization Clinical Biology of previous years.

Students who started in that specialization and did not complete the compulsory programme then, should take note of the following:

New course Replaces
NWI-MOL413 (3 EC)
Transport and Metabolomics
NWI-LM011 (3 EC)
Metabolism, Transport and Motility
NWI-BM078 (3 EC)
Molecular Therapy
NWI-BM049B (3 EC)
Molecular Mechanisms of Novel Therapeutics
NWI-BM073 (3 EC)
Trends in Stem Cell Biology
NWI-BM047B (3 EC)
Trends in Medical Biosciences II
NWI-BM072 (6 EC)
Translational Genomics
NWI-MB045B (3 EC)
Human Genetics
  • You cannot use both the new course and the course it replaces in your Master's programme, the courses are too similar.
  • If you did not take BM045B Human Genetics (3 ec), you have to take the 6 EC course NWI-BM072 Translational Genomics. In that case, if you already took NWI-BM024B Trends in Medical Biosciences I (3 EC), you can use that course as an elective in your Master's programme.
  • If NWI-BM024B is the only course you did not take, you take a 3 EC elective in stead.