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Study association


Study association for students of Chemistry, Science and Molecular Life Sciences.

V.C.M.W. Sigma is a study association for students of the Molecular Sciences. The association provides support and promotes a wider context for studying, whilst also fulfilling a social function. Sigma organises activities directly related to students’ courses, along with events geared towards the pure fun element.
Examples include: lectures, excursions, study afternoons, an annual sports tournament, an annual symposium, weekend camping expeditions in the Netherlands, weekends abroad, get-togethers and parties, an exchange programme with ETH Zürich and the parents' day, where parents are invited to visit their son’s or daughters’ place of study. The association also publishes a periodical, G-mi, a number of times a year, which is complemented every lustrum year with an almanac. There is a website where you can find photographs, study materials, information on chemical companies and other useful information. The study association also markets books for students at an attractive discount. Sigma shares a student canteen together with a number of other faculty associations, where members can buy coffee, tea, snacks, soft drinks and toasted sandwiches during their breaks.

Special membership rate for new master's students: €15.

The Sigma Board can be found in the Board room (room HG00.150, Tel: 024 3652079) every Tuesday and Thursday between 12.15pm and 1.15pm. For more information have a look at their website. The Sigma Board can also be reached at sigma@science.ru.nl.