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Departments for Internships

The research departments are the following, sorted by specialisation:

Institute Department Chair
IMAPP Experimental High Energy Physics Prof.dr. Nicolo de Groot
IMAPP Theoretical High Energy Physics Prof.dr. Ronald Kleiss
IMAPP Astrophysics Prof.dr. Gijs Nelemans
IMAPP Mathematical Physics Prof.dr. Klaas Landsman
IMM Strongly Correlated Systems Prof.dr. Nigel Hussey
IMM Soft Condensed Matter & Nanomaterials Prof.dr. Peter Christianen
IMM Semiconductors & Nanostructures Prof.dr. Uli Zeitler
IMM Theory of Condensed Matter Prof.dr. Mikhail Katsnelson
IMM Scanning Probe Microscopy Prof. Alexander Khajetoorians
IMM Spectroscopy of Solids and Interfaces Prof.dr. Theo Rasing
IMM Applied Materials Science Prof.dr. Elias Vlieg
IMM FELIX FEL Technology Dr. Lex van der Meer
IMM FELIX Users and Operation Dr. Britta Redlich
IMM Molecular & Biophysics Prof.dr. Jos Oomens
IMM Molecular Structure & Dynamics Prof.dr. Jos Oomens
IMM Molecular & Laser Physics Prof.dr. Dave Parker
IMM Spectroscopy of Cold Molecules Prof. dr. Bas van de Meerakker
IMM Theoretical Chemistry Prof.dr.ir. Gerrit Groenenboom
IMM Ultrafast Spectroscopy of Correlated Materials (USCM) Prof.dr. Aleksei Kimel
DCN Biophysics Prof.dr. Bert Kappen/Prof.dr. John van Opstal
DCN Neuroinformatics Prof.dr. Paul Tiesinga
DCN Neurophysiology Prof.dr. Tansu Celikel
DCN MR Techniques in Brain Function (DCCN) Prof.dr. David Norris
DCN Sensori Motor Lab Prof.dr. Pieter Medendorp

It is also possible to do an external internship, however there are certain requirements for them and you will need to arrange it yourself. Please consult with your student advisor if you are interested in doing an external internship.