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Student advisors

Dear Student,

In connection with tightened rules around the Coronavirus, the Student Advisors are only available via email.

The Faculty of Science offers various possibilities for advice. The most important person is the student advisor.

You can always contact them if you experience difficulties, e.g. with planning your work, exams, regulations or choice of elective courses, but also with more personal problems that influence your studies.
If needed, the student advisor can refer you to another type of help, such as a training in study competence, financial aid, or a student psychologist.

Making an appointment

To make an appointment with the student advisor, you can always contact the Student Service Desk (Student Information Point (STIP) as of September 2021). They have access to the calendars of the student advisors. You can make an appointment yourself via YouCanBookMe or sending an email (for links and addresses see below).

List of student advisors


  • Ms. Sanne Vosters MSc. (absent 2 April - 18 August)
    Room: Mon/Wed/Thu HG 00.538, Wed HG00.537
    Phone: Mon/Wed/Thu (024) 365 3013 / 0621931970
    Email: s.vosters@science.ru.nl
    'YouCanBookMe' to make an appointment
    Bachelor Biology
  • Mr. Nol Vermeulen
    Room: Mon//Tue/Thu HG 00.538
    Phone: Mon/Tue/Thu (024) 365 3013 / 06 51211901
    Email: nol.vermeulen@ru.nl 
    'YouCanBookMe' to make an appointment
    Bachelor Biology
  • Ms. drs. Marlie Becks
    Room HG 00.537
    Phone: 024-3653285
    Email: m.becks@science.ru.nl 
    'YouCanBookMe' to make an appointment
    Bachelor Biology: third year
    Master Medical Biology
  • Ms. drs. Conny Mooren
    Room HG 00.513
    Phone: 024-36 52281
    Email: c.mooren@science.ru.nl 
    'YouCanBookMe' to make an appointment
    Master Biology

Medical Biology:


Computing Science / Information Sciences:


Molecular Life Sciences:

  • Ms. drs. Gerrie Coppens
    Room HG 00.537
    Phone: 024-36 53028
    Email: g.coppens@science.ru.nl 
    'YouCanBookMe' to make an appointment
    Bachelor Molecular Life Sciences
    Master Molecular Life Sciences

Molecular Sciences (Master):

Physics and Astronomy:


  • Mr. Koen van Asseldonk
    Room HG00.540, Wednesdays
    Phone: 024-36 52029
    Email: koen.vanasseldonk@ru.nl
    'Youcanbookme' to make an appointment
    Bachelor Science: first and second year
  • Ms. drs. Marjolijn Roeters
    Room HG 00.540
    Phone: 06-50010363
    Email: m.roeters@science.ru.nl 
    'YouCanBookMe' to make an appointment
    bachelor's: second and third year and onwards
    Master Science