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Master programme Information Sciences with links

Within the Master's Information sciences, the following courses are offered in the academic year 2020-2021. In below overview, some courses are restricted electives, to which the following applies:

* = Choose either one or the other

For more clarity, please check the colour scheme.

First semester - Mandatory courses (12 or 18 EC)
Quarter 1 Quarter 2
NWI-IMK010 System Approaches to Organization and Information
(3 EC)
NWI-IMK012 Knowledge Representation for Information Sciences (3 EC)
NWI-I00052 Research Methods (mastercourse)
(3 EC)
NWI-IMI003 Philosophy and Ethics for Computing and Information Sciences (3 EC)
* NWI-IMI004 Software Development Entrepreneurship
(6 EC)
Specialisation track: Security and Privacy Officer - 12 EC
NWI-I00153 Security in Organisations
(6 EC)
NWI-IMC006 Law in Cyberspace
(6 EC)
Electives from the faculty of Management: 1 out of 4 courses (see below)
(6 EC)
Specialisation track: IT and Alignment - 18 EC
NWI-I00041 Information Retrieval
(6 EC)
Electives from the faculty of Management: 2 out of 4 courses (see below)
(12 ec)


Second semester - Mandatory courses (18 or 24 EC)
Quarter 3 Quarter 4
* NWI-IMC021 Software Development Management 
(6 EC)
NWI-IMK013 Master Thesis Information Sciences
     (18 EC)

Electives from the Faculty of Management:

Suggestions for Free Choice (6 EC):

In addition to the remaining electives from the Faculty of Management that were not yet selected: