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Admission criteria for GZ-opleiding

Working as licensed therapist or diagnostician?

Do you intend to work as licensed psychologist in health care institutions, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, youth care or the judicial system? Or would you rather have your own independent practice? In whatever clinical position you plan to work, ensure to timely familiarize yourself with the admission criteria for the post master's programme GZ-opleiding. Because in the Netherlands the GZ opleiding is your gateway to all positions as a licensed psychologist (BIG geregistreerd). Next to that the criteria for the Basic Certificate for Psychodiagnostics (in Dutch) are of importance.

Postmaster's programme GZ-opleiding

After graduating as master's student, in the Netherlands you can continue in the two year programme for licensed (BIG-geregistreerd) Gezondheidszorgpsycholoog (GZ-psycholoog). To do so, you have to acquire a paid position in a health care institution that at the same time offers you a placement in this programme (work/study are combined). Usually there is a 3-4 year waiting list between graduation and start of the GZ-opleiding. In the Netherlands the GZ-opleiding is hosted in six cities throughout the country, one of which is in Nijmegen at the Radboud Center for Social Sciences.


Admission to the GZ-opleiding is administered by the Vereniging LOGO (Landelijk Overleg Geestelijke gezondheidszorg Opleidingsinstellingen). For admission multiple criteria (in Dutch) apply, one of which is the so-called Statement Previous education.

How to meet the requirements for the Statement Previous education?

Graduates of the master's specialisation Gezondheidszorgpsychologie (GZP) will meet the Statement requirements, provided they successfully completed the  following bachelor's and master's courses:

Year 1:

  • PSB1GE06N: General Introduction into Psychology
  • PSB1PS13E: Methods for professional conduct
  • PSB1PS14E: Professional skills for psychologists
  • PSB1DH06E: Development & Mental Health 1
  • PSB1BC06E: Brain & Cognition 1
  • PSB1AS05E: Academic skills for psychologists
  • PSB1RS15E: Research Project 1.

Year 2:

  • PSB2DH10AE: D&H 2: Psychopathology from a life-cycle perspective
  • PSB2DH10BE: D&H 2: MINI practical
  • PSB2BE10AE: B&E 2: Behaviour in organisations
  • PSB2BE10BE: B&E 2: Practical assignment Behaviour in organisations
  • PSB2BC10AE: B&C 2: Clinical Neuropsychology
  • PSB2BC10BE: B&C 2: Practical Clinical Neuropsychology
  • PSB2PS35E: Conversational skills in psychology
  • PSB2AS15E: Theoretical psychology
  • PSB2RS30E: Research Project 2.


  • PSB3DH15E: D&H 3: Psychology and Health
  • PSB3AS30E: Psychological ethics
  • PSB3DH23E: Clinical assessment and decision making
  • PSB3DH66N: Klinisch professionele vaardigheden
  • PSB3RS60E, PSB3RS50E: Research Project 3
  • PSB3RS65E, PSB3RS75E: Bachelor's thesis.

Master's specialisation Gezondheidszorgpsychologie:

  • All courses
  • Clinical internship, including three elaborated diagnostic cases.

Compulsory for selection GZP

On top of the list above, the following courses are required for GZP:

  • PSB3DH50E: Psychotherapy ánd
  • PSB3BC15E: B&C 3: Cognitive neuropsychology (instead one can also choose PSB3DH45E: Affective Sciences and Psychopathology).


Also recommended is:

  • PSB3BC16E Psychopharmacology and Psychopathology.

Did you take any bachelor's or master's courses outside Radboud University?

  1. Please ensure that the university of origin issues a statement to confirm which relevant VLOGO-courses you passed and for how many EC's.
  2. Upon starting your GZP master's programme at Radboud University, please contact the responsible LOGO co-ordinator to check whether you fulfilled the requirements and/ or to discuss which additional courses you might need.

Contact for LOGO requirements

Jorijn Verbruggen, studentadvisor@psych.ru.nl