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Cognitive Computing

Cognitive Computing - Specialisation programme

(This specialisation also has a double degree programme)

The coordinator of the Cognitive Computing specialisation is Tim Kietzmann - t.kietzmann@donders.ru.nl

Note: Courses with a DGCN code (*) are from the Research Masters Cognitive Neuro Science (CNS) programme. To take these courses, Artificial Intelligence Masters programme students must directly contact the head of the CNS program, Arno Koning, via email <a.koning@donders.ru.nl>, requesting to join the course including a one paragraph motivation.

Course code Course name EC
Compulsory Courses - 18 EC
SOW-MKI66 Advanced Academic & Professional Skills 6

Ethics for AI



Probabilistic Deep Learning


Final Project - 45 EC


Internship, and
Research Project

Extended Research Project



Specialisation courses
Selection of 18 EC

SOW-MKI40 Cognition and Complexity 6
SOW-MKI68 Cognitive Robotics 6
SOW-DGCN03(*) Neurophilosophy 6
SOW-MKI96 Neuromorphic Computing 6
SOW-MKI49 Neural Information Processing Systems 6
SOW-MKI56 Theoretical Foundations for Cognitive Agents 6
Specialisation electives - 18 EC
Any compulsory or specialisation course
NWI-NM048B Advanced Machine Learning 6
NWI-NM085C Advanced Computational Neuroscience 6
NWI-NM099B Advanced Neuroscience Techniques 6
SOW-MKI71 AI Research Colloquium 3
NWI-IMC012 Bayesian Networks 6
SOW-MKI46 Brain Reading and Writing 6
NWI-NM047D Computational Neuroscience 3
SOW-MKI95 Computer Graphics & Computer Vision 6
NWI-FFIL202A Evolution and the mind 3
NWI-IMC030 Machine Learning in Practice 6
SOW-DGCN23 (*) Motor Control 6
NWI-IMC042 Natural Computing 6
SOW-DGCN02 (*) Neuroimaging I 6
SOW-MKI52 New Media Lab 6
SOW-DGCN44 (*) Perception 6
NWI-NM080B Quantitative Brain Networks 6
LET-REMA-LCEX06 Text and Multimedia Mining 6
Free electives - 21 EC
Any Master course
SOW-MKI10 Capita Selecta 3
SOW-MKI20 Capita Selecta 6
SOW-MKI62 Research Seminar 6

Students who started before 2020 can look in Osiris to find the descriptions of earlier programmes.