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Examination Board

Research Master Social and Cultural Science

Examination Board

The Research Master SCS has its own Examination Board.

Each educational programme has its own examination board. The examination board is responsible to ensure that students meet the final qualifications of the programme and it warrants the standard of courses and their examinations. Assessments of examinations is an important aspect of the examination board's procedures, including assessments of written exams, papers and the master thesis.

In sum:

  • The examination board is responsible for safeguarding the quality of course examinations and the final examination.
  • The examination board lays down rules for the proper state of affairs during course examinations and the final examination and for any measures that should be effected in this context.
  • The examination board provides examiners with guidelines and directions with respect to the assessment of students who take course examinations and with respect to determining the results of course examinations. The results are determined by examiners in compliance with these regulations.
  • The examination board is authorized, in the event of serious inequities, to deviate from the Education and Examination Regulations in individual cases to the benefit of the student.
  • The Education and Examination Regulations Master's programme Social and Cultural Science (EER) can be found here.
  • The Examination Board Regulations Social and Cultural Science (R&R) can be found here.

Students enrolled in the Research Master SCS must contact the Examination Board for the following purposes:

1. To apply for approval of their optional courses during the second year. Please complete the form Optional Courses - Second Year, which can be found here (docx, 59 kB).

2. To apply for approval of an internship. Please complete the form Internship, which can be found here (docx, 59 kB).

3. In case students seek to change the standard programme of study, e.g. by changing the electives that are offered during the first year or in case they plan to follow additional courses.

Students can contact the examination board by sending an email message to


Examination Committee members:

Prof. dr. A.H.M. van Meijl (chair)
Prof. dr. P.L.H. Scheepers (secretary)
Dr. M.A.C. Zijlmans (external member)