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Study Programme Specialization Historical Studies

Perhaps more than ever, history plays a powerful role in contemporary culture. Modern reinterpretations and (ab)use of history have the power to shape politics in our fractured world. This Master’s programme is dedicated to rigorous historical research in order to obtain a deep understanding of developments of the past and to help us evaluate the merits of modern reinterpretations. This programme aims to help you make new discoveries that will contribute to a better understanding of historical events and processes that shape societies.

This study programme encourages a broad interdisciplinary approach to the humanities, while also offering the opportunity to specialise in a particular chronologically and/or thematically differentiated area. The programme brings together experts in the fields of economic, social, demographic, political, and cultural history of the ancient world to the modern era. The programme distinguishes itself through the combination of a disciplinary specialisation within historical studies and an interdisciplinary outlook on the humanities.