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Course index

Note: Courses marked with an asterisk (*) are offered in alternate years. If a course is not offered in the current academic year, this is indicated by the note saying ‘not offered in 2020-2021’. Below only the courses offered by Radboud University are listed; for courses offered by Tilburg University as part of the Linguistics and Information Sciences programme, see under TiU courses.

Course code

Course name
LET-REMA-LC1901 Apprenticeship Research Methods (3 ec)
LET-REMA-LCEX10 (Automatic) Speech Recognition (6 ec)
LET-REMA-LC1406 Academic Writing (3 ec)
LET-REMA-LCEX27 Child Bilingualism (6 ec)
LET-CIWM474 Communicatie in professionele contexten (6 ec) offered in Dutch
LET-REMA-LCEX12 * Communication and Persuasion (pdf, 139 kB) (6 ec); not offered in 2021-22
LET-REMA-LCEX28 Computational Psycholinguistics (6 ec)
LET-REMA-LC1903 Eye Tracking (3 ec)
SOW-DGCN18 First Language Acquisition (6 ec)
LET-REMA-LC1401 Foundations of Language & Communication (6 ec)
LET-REMA-LC1508 Grant Proposal Writing (6 ec)
LET-REMA-LCEX19 Introduction to Language and Speech Technology (6 ec)
LET-REMA-LC1601 Introductory Statistics for Linguistic Research (3 ec)
LET-REMA-LC1506 Lab Rotation I (6 ec)
LET-REMA-LC1507 Lab Rotation II (9 ec)
LET-REMA-LC1803 Linear Mixed Effects Modeling (3 ec)
LET-REMA-LCEX33 Linguistics for AI (6 ec); new course offered per 2022-23
LET-REMA-LCEX21 Multimodal Language and Cognition: Gesture and Sign (6 ec)
SOW-DGCN43 Neurobiology of Language (6 ec)
LET-REMA-LCEX14 Non-Nativeness in Communication (6 ec)
LET-REMA-LCEX29 Psychology of Language and Cultural Cognition (6 ec)
LET-REMA-LC1904 Python (3 ec)
LET-REMA-LC1407 Research Master Thesis (30 ec)
LET-REMA-LC1505 Research Orientation (3 ec)

Semantics, Pragmatics and Cognition (6 ec)


Sentence Production and Comprehension (6 ec)

LET-REMA-LCEX17 * Speech Production and Comprehension (6 ec)
LET-REMA-LC1801 Statistics and Experimental Methods I (3 ec)
LET-REMA-LC1802 Statistics and Experimental Methods II (3 ec)

Structural Aspects of Language (6 ec)

LET-REMA-LCEX32 Syntax in the Lab (6 ec)
LET-REMA-LCEX26 Technology- Enhanced Language Learning (6 ec)
LET-REMA-LC1404 Term Paper (6 ec)
LET-REMA-LCEX06 Text and Multimedia Mining (6 ec)
LET-REMA-LC1902 Text and Multimedia Research Project (3 ec)
SOW-DGCN19 Using and Acquiring Multiple Languages (6 ec)
LET-REMA-LC2001 Valorization (6 ec)
LET-REMA-LCEX31 * Variation and change in English: present and past (6 ec), not offered in 2021-2022
LET-REMA-LCEX30 * Variation, Typology and Optimality Theory (6 ec)
SOW-DGCN16 Word Recognition and Production (6 ec)