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Skills and methods

The programme offers training in various skills (for example academic writing and programming) and methods (including data analysis and statistics), and students are expected to make a selection of what is on offer that best fits their needs in view of their specialization.

Skills/methods courses offered by RU as part of the research master’s programme Linguistics and Communication Sciences are

Course name Credits (EC) Course code Period
Introductory Statistics for Linguistic Research 3 LET-REMA-LC1601 1
Text and Multimedia Research Project 3 LET-REMA-LC1902 1
Python 3 LET-REMA-LC1904 1
Eye Tracking 3 LET-REMA-LC1903 3
Academic Writing 3 LET-REMA-LC1406 4
Linear Mixed Effects Modeling 3 LET-REMA-LC1803 4
Apprenticeship Research Methods 3 LET-REMA-LC1901 4

NOTE: If you do not have a basic knowledge of statistics, you are required to take the course Introductory Statistics for Linguistic Research.

Apart from the courses above, students can take skills/methods courses offered elsewhere on campus or from what is available in Tilburg. There are many courses (many of them 3 EC worth each) on a wide variety of methods and techniques relevant to empirical research in the fields of linguistics and communication studies, for example eye tracking, web analytics, conducting interviews, online data collection, ethnographic research methods, design and analysis of questionnaires, machine learning, and data processing.

For an overview of RU courses, go to:

For an overview of courses offered by Tilburg University as part of the Linguistics and Communication Sciences programme, see under TiU courses. For other course offerings at Tilburg University go the catalogus