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The rules regarding minors

For students who started the first year of their Bachelor's programme in 2018-2019 or later

If you started your Bachelor’s programme in September 2018 of later, you will have to take a minor worth 40 EC in your third year (B3). This minor is a package of related courses that helps you expand or deepen your knowledge. Minors from the Faculty of Arts deal with current societal themes. Choosing one of these themes will help you focus your programme, making it easier to set yourself apart on the labour market.

Types of minors

  • There are 13 minors you can choose from: one of the 11 thematic minors (6 of them are in English), the teacher-training minor (only in Dutch) or the study abroad minor. You can read more about the different types of minors here.
    Please note: A thematic minor only starts if more than five students register for it.
  • Each minor has fixed components. For these components (courses) attendance is mandatory. Furthermore, they cannot be replaced with other courses.
    • A thematic minor consists of three fixed components: the theme course (5 EC), the course Academia and Society (5 EC) and the think tank (10 EC).
    • The study abroad minor consists of two fixed components: the online course Study abroad: Academia & Society (5 EC), which you take during your stay abroad, and the Think tank: Study Abroad (10 EC).
    • The teacher-training minor (only in Dutch) consists of one fixed component, namely the courses you take at the Radboud Docenten Academie (30 EC).

Think tank

  • There are entry requirements for the think tank:
    • Thematic minor: You must pass the theme course to be able to participate in the think tank. It is also highly recommended that you take the course Academia and Society before participating in the think tank.
    • Study Abroad: You must pass the course Study abroad: Academia & Society to be able to participate in the Think tank: Study Abroad.
    • Depending on your minor, the same entry requirement applies to the think tank course that is offered in the first semester (LET-LETMI-DT00).
  • It is possible to do an individual (research) internship related to theme of the minor instead of the think tank, For this you must submit a request to the Examination Board at least six weeks before you would want to start your internship. Please note that you may only start with the internship if you meet the entry requirement (= completed theme course if you chose a thematic minor; for the Study Abroad minor it is the course Study Abroad:Academia and Society).

Elective space

  • Every minor has elective space. You are not allowed to take courses that belong to the compulsory part of your own degree programme as electives.
  • If several interdisciplinary packages are offered within a thematic minor, you can combine courses from the different interdisciplinary packages of that minor.
  • If you want to include a course in the elective space of the minor which is not included in the package or want to take a minor elsewhere (at another faculty or university), you must send a substantiated request to the Examination Board at least six weeks before the start of the course.
    If you want to include a different course in your interdisciplinary package, the Examination Board will check whether this course is indeed related to the theme of the minor and in case of (a change in) a disciplinary package, whether there is disciplinary coherence.
  • If you want to take one or more courses offered by another faculty within your (inter)disciplinary package, please note that they might have different registration deadlines for courses, exams, and resits. Check the STIP-website of the faculty in question and/or the OER of the programme that offers the course you would like to take for more information. This is primarily the case for courses offered by the Nijmegen School of Management.

Practical information

  • Registration information:
    • You sign up for the courses that take place in the first semester in the registration period in July. You register for courses in the second semester during the registration period in December.
    • In July you also register for the minor (via Specialisation) and the (inter)disciplinary package (via Minor). For more information please check the manual.
  • The following applies to students enrolled in two Bachelor’s programme’s at the Faculty of Arts who started their first programme in or after September 2018:
    • The student is exempted from taking a minor (40 EC) for one of their programmes.
    • The student only has to follow the fixed components of the minor in the other programme.

The rules mentioned here can also be found in the EER (Education and Examination Regulations) of your bachelor's programme.

For the rules regarding minors for students who started the first year of their Bachelor's programme before September 2018 click here.