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Alternatives Study abroad minor

Because you are not obliged to go abroad, you can choose to follow one of the 11 thematic minors instead of the Study Abroad minor.

However, if you want to complete your bachelor's programme in three years and study abroad for a semester, you have the following options in case the physical study exchanges in the first semester 2022-2023 are cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic:

  1. You combine a thematic minor with a stay abroad in semester 2
    With this option you choose from one of the thematic minors and follow the fixed components (theme course, Academia and Society course, and the think tank) of that minor in the first semester, as well as 10 EC major courses.
    In the second semester, you study abroad (if possible). There you take 20 EC of electives and write your bachelor thesis remotely (i.e. with a supervisor from Radboud University).
    Please note: You may only start with the think tank (or individual (research) internship) if you meet the entry requirement (= completed theme course). Students choosing this alternative for their study abroad minor will need to get permission from the examination board for an exeption to this requirement so that they can start the think tank course (LET-LETMI-DT00) in period 1 already. If this applies to you, please send your request to the Examination Board before the summer holidays.

  1. You combine the teacher-training minor (Dutch-taught; sem. 1) with a stay abroad in semester 2 
    This minor is only offered in Dutch. For more information about this alternative see the Dutch website.
  2. You do a virtual exchange in semester 1
    With this option you stay in Nijmegen or your home country, but during the first semester you follow online courses at the foreign university (therefore virtual exchange). Whether this is possible for you depends on the foreign university. In the first semester, in addition to the online education of the foreign university (25 EC), you will also follow the online RU-course Study Abroad: Academia and Society.
    In the second semester you will participate in the Think Tank: Study Abroad, write your bachelor thesis and follow 10 EC worth of courses.

Important notes

  • You need to register for the (thematic) minor and its obligatory courses yourself.
  • Students of IBC only have one 5 EC major course in the first semester.
  • If you already know that you will need more than three years to finish your bachelor’s programme, there are more options. Please contact your study advisor for this as well as for other questions related to your study/stay abroad.