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Elective Minor Arts

Relevant programme: All Faculty of Arts programmes
Minor coordinator: Your programme's study advisor
Open to: Students from all programmes
Entry requirements: None



In addition to the range of pre-defined minors, you can also choose to compile your own minor from courses offered within and/or outside the faculty. This is known as the elective minor. An elective minor must be approved by the examining board of your Bachelor's programme. Please keep the following points in mind when compiling your elective minor. An elective minor:

  • consists of at least 15 ECTS
  • forms an in-depth and unified whole
  • is ideally taken in a single semester
  • is spread out over both periods
  • consists of both introductory courses (level 1) and in-depth courses (advanced)

You can also fill your elective minor with (parts of) a thematic minor. Click here for more information about the thematic minors.