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Study abroad minor (30 ec)

Relevant programme: All Faculty of Arts programmes
Minor coordinator: Maaike van Gerven, MA
Open to: Students from all Faculty of Arts programmes, who started before September 2018
Period: 1-4


In today's world, going abroad as part of your degree programme is becoming increasingly common. Students can choose to study abroad (take courses at a foreign university as part of a study abroad minor) or pursue an internship (at a foreign institute as part of the internship minor). The Faculty of Arts considers it very important for students to obtain at least 15 ECTS abroad. If you obtain more than 15 ECTS abroad, you can use the extra credits to fill an elective minor. You can also choose to devote the full 30 minor credits to a study abroad minor. Of course, you will first need to have the minor(s) approved by the examination board, otherwise the credits you obtain abroad cannot be awarded officially.

For more information about studying abroad, visit ru.nl/letteren/facultyofarts/studyabroad or make an appointment during office hours.