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Points of contact

Student Information Point Faculty of Arts (STIP)

The Student Information Point Faculty of Arts (STIP) is the central contact point for all study-related questions posed by students at the Faculty of Arts. You can contact the student information desk, which is located on the seventh floor of the Erasmus building, from Monday through Friday.

E 7.02
+31 24 361 21 96

Student Advisor

Visit the STIP website for an overview of all student advisors and to schedule an appointment.

Admission Committee

The Admission Committee is responsible for admittance to the Master's programmes and establishes pre-Master's programmes in that capacity. The Admission Committee decides on all applications for the pre-Master's programmes. The Faculty of Arts has a central point of contact for all your questions for the Admission Committee: toelatingscommissie@let.ru.nl.

Are you already a pre-Master's student and do you have an urgent reason to change your pre-Master's programme? You should first discuss this with your student advisor and afterwards submit a request to the Admission Committee.

Visit the STIP website for more information about the Admission Committee.

Examination Board

As a pre-Master's student, you can only approach the Examination Board for requests pertaining to the examination of courses, such as extra examination options, deadlines, complaints about an assessment or about the course of affairs at an examination. The Examination Board cannot grant exemptions for the pre-Master's programme or adjust the programme in any way.

Visit the STIP website for more information about the Examination Board.

Programme committee

Each study programme has a programme committee. Half of all programme committee members are elected by and among students, while the other half consists of academic staff members affiliated with each programme. The programme committee strives to uphold and improve the quality of the programme. Visit the STIP website for more information and contact details. Please note! Check with the programme committee of the Bachelor's programme to which the specific courses of your pre-Master's programme belong (recognisable by the abbreviation in the course code following ‘LET-'). It is possible that for some courses you have to go to a different committee than for your other courses.