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Programme second year PPS

Programme outline

Semester Course Course code EC
1 Choose one module 15
The Power of Words FTR-FIPPSB222 5
Second Year Project FTR-FIBA205 10
2 Choose two modules 2 x 15
Optional: free elective courses abroad
Total 60


Module Module code Courses Course Code EC
Middle East and North Africa (MENA) FTR-MI-FI114-19 The Dynamics of Political Pacts FTR-FIPPSB219 5
MENA in International Perspective FTR-FIPPSB220 5
Life Course, Personhood and Identitites in the MENA region FTR-FIPPSB221 5
Global Justice and Human Rights FTR-MI-FI109-19 Global Distributive Justice FTR-FIPPSBS204 5
Philosophy of International law FTR-FIPPSB205 5
Religious and Philosophical Communities and Human Rights FTR-FIPPSB206


Europe and the World FTR-MI-FI116-20 Politics and Religion in Europe FTR-FIPPSB302


Europe in the Far East FTR-FIPPSB303


Europe and the Arab World FTR-FIPPSB304



Module Module Code Course Course Code EC
The Future of  Democracy FTR-MI-FI110-20 Forms of Democracy: A Comparative Approach FTR-FIPPSB207 5
Who is the Demos? FTR-FIPPSB208 5
Counter-Democracy: Case Studies FTR-FIPPSB209 5
Identity and Exclusion FTR-MI-FI111-19 1492: Race, Religion and the Colonising 'Man' FTR-FIPPSB210 5
Gender, Sexuality and Intersectionality FTR-FIPPSB211 5
Race, Colonialism and the Colour Line FTR-FIPPSB212 5
Science and Society FTR-MI-FI118-20 How modern knowledge society came about FTR-FIPPSB308
Knowledge and expertise in the contemporary knowledge society FTR-FIPPSB309
Expertise in the digital age FTR-FIPPSB310
  • During the second and third year of PPS, students may replace one or two modules by other elective courses and minors  or an international exchange amounting to either 15 EC (when replacing one module) or 30 EC (when replacing two modules). Such replacements must always be submitted to and approved by the Examining Board well in advance.
  • Students have to register in Osiris for the entire module as well as for the individual courses of the module.