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Lab courses and study materials


All textbooks are available at the study association BeeVee with a discount for members, or at the bookstore for original prices (i.e. Studystore). More information will be available at BeeVee.


During the lab courses of the first year you will be using a microscope extensively. Normally, these are rented by the Educational institute of Biosciences. However, because of Corona measures, the lockers containing these personal microscopes will not be used. If you need a microscope during a practical session, they will be made available for you on your workspace in the lab.

Practicum necessities

First year students will be borrowed a lab coat from Edusupport Biosciences. Because of Corona measures, you will keep this lab coat for the entire first year. Other obligatory experimental necessities, like dissection kit and a good lens (10x magnification)  are available at BeeVee.

Other costs

During your studies, you sometimes need to buy practical manuals. In the first quarter, these costs will be about €20 for the manuals of Evolution and Development of Plants and Animal Evolution and Development. You will be notified when to bring cash to purchase these practical manuals. Note you cannot pay with a debit card; only with cash.