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Recommended courses

The following are recommendations per (master's) specialisation:

Chemical Specialisations
Chemistry of Life Medicinal Chemistry
Strongly recommended Strongly recommended
NWI-MOL095 Organic Chemistry 3 NWI-MOL095 Organic Chemistry 3
NWI-MOL053 Pharmacochemistry NWI-MOL053 Pharmacochemistry
NWI-MOL100 Spectroscopy of Biomolecules NWI-MOL100 Spectroscopy of Biomolecules
Additional recommendations Additional recommendations
NWI-MOl107 RNA Structure and Function NWI-MOL087C Synthesis Lab 3
NWI-MOL078 Nanobiotechnology NWI-MOL078 Nanobiotechnology
NWI-MOL113 Nanomaterials in Biomedicine NWI-MOL113 Nanomaterials in Biomedicine
NWI-MOL109 Chemometrics for Molecular Life Sciences NWI-MOL096 Metalorganic Chemistry
NWI-MOL093 Stereoselective Synthesis
Biological Specialisation
Functional Genomics Human Biology Neuroscience
Strongly recommended
NWI-BB064B Functional Genomics
At least 1 from: At least 1 from: Max 1 Neurocourse per quarter (e.g.):
NWI-BB0086 Genomics, Health and Environment NWI-MOl104 Medical Biotechnology MED-MIN16 Translational Neuroscience

NWI-MOL107 RNA Structure and Function

NWI-MOL168 Biomolecular Architecture NWI-BB-080C Neural Basis of Motor Control
NWI-BB084B Molecular Principles of Development NWI-MOL055 Molecular Basis of Diseases NWI-BB021B Neurobiophysics
NWI-MOL073 Comparative Genomics NWI-BB081B Cognitive Neuroimaging
NWI-BB039C Neurodevelopment
NWI-BB092 Neural Basis of Cognition and Perception