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Description of Molecular Chemistry

The master specialisation Molecular Chemistry lies at the heart of chemistry, where chemists synthesize molecules with new biological or physical properties to address scientific or societal challenges. Think of new catalytic conversions, lead compounds for future medicines or the next generation of conducting polymers. The specialisation Molecular Chemistry offers education in connection with top-level research in the Institute for Molecules and Materials (IMM), enabling you to develop in-depth knowledge of the design, synthesis and characterization of unprecedented functional molecular structures.

The courses in the specialisation Molecular Chemistry are strongly related to the research within the Institute for Molecules and Materials. You will do an internship within that research institute, but you can also go abroad, or to industry for one of your internships.

The programme comprises five compulsory courses (15 ec) and one specialisation-related internship. The intership includes practical work and report, as well as a literature thesis of 6 ec and, optionally, one or two courses (max 6 ec) relevant to the internship. A list of available research departments can be found elswhere in this prospectus.

In case you cannot start in September, but enrol later in the year (with permission of the Admissions Office), you start with the research internship and take the mandatory courses at the next available option.

Specialisation coordinator: dr. Paul Kouwer