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Research Internship MFoCS

More information regarding the Research Internship can be found in the course description, and on the webpage of the internship.

For the MFoCS research internship, you may choose to do your research internship at:

  • A company, which can be either an SME (Small and medium-sized enterprise) or a multinational, or a governmental institute.
  • Any department at Radboud University or another university with MFoCS related research questions. You can think of mathematics at the RU, the ILLC in Amsterdam, or Computer Science departments at other universities in the Netherlands or abroad.
  • iCIS, with a researcher that has an MFoCS related research question.

For suggestions you can contact staff members from the Foundations research group (Jurriaan Rot, Herman Geuvers, Freek Wiedijk, Cynthia Kop, Robbert Krebbers, Hans Zantema)