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Finishing the internship

Once you have finished or are close to finishing your practical work, it is time to start writing your report. Your report should be written individually in one of the two formats: 1) a report-format or 2) a format that is commonly used for scientific papers in your field. In principle your report should contain:

  1. A summary;
  2. An introduction;
  3. A materials and methods section;
  4. A results section;
  5. A discussion section;
  6. A literature list.

Always discuss the format of your report with your supervisor, since they might have different ideas about what is suitable for your project. In principle you have to write a first version of the report and a revised (second) version. In more detail, a first version of your report is made and send to your supervisor. The supervisor will comment on the first version and you must implement these for the second version. This second version is usually the final version of your report and needs to be uploaded to http://thesissubmission.science.ru.nl ("SPIB"). The document is then checked automatically for plagiarism.

At the end of you internship you should present your findings in your research group. The supervisor should tell the student which format to use, but in principle it should reflect your report. Your responsible examiner will receive online assessment forms for him/herself and for the second reader, together with the plagiarism check and a testimonium for grade registration.  The examiner will forward the correct online assessment forms to the second reader.