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Starting the internship

A few weeks before your internship officially starts, you start a Case in Osiris (Procedure for registration of internships). In detail, you will be asked to upload your internship proposal, and provide details on where and when your internship will take place and who will be your responsible examiner (see  List of examiners). You will also have to fill out who will be the second reader. Your internship proposal needs to be approved in Osiris Cases not later than twee weeks after the start of your internship. Therefore, contact your examiner as soon as possible and fill out a form in Osiris Cases and an internship proposal using the template in Internship Forms to sketch your internship proposal (max. 2-A4).

After your submission, check whether the information about your examiner and second reader have correctly been added to the system. This is important as all official communication takes places within Osiris and not having the documentation in place might result in problems with grading. With everything in place you can follow your internship as agreed upon with your examiner and/or daily supervisor.