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Programme of Medicinal Chemistry

For the Specialisation Medicinal Chemistry the complete 120 EC programme is given below. Please note that eventually your programme has to be approved by the examination board. When choosing electives, make sure that their content does not overlap.

A. A specialisation related programme comprising:

  • NWI-MOL501A: a specialisation related research internship* chosen from the list 'departments for internships'. The internshipentails practical work, your master thesis, and a presentation (44 - 53 EC).
    If this is the only internship you do (see C.), the size of the internship should be 53 EC and option D. below is not available.

B. Scientific master courses: 6 EC.
Master courses in the domain of  Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Computing Science and/or (Bio)Medicine. Courses given at the Faculty of Science is always approved. Make sure course content does not overlap.

C. A second internship* or a broadening programme: 30 EC
You can take a second internship (NWI-MOL502A) for instance at a different department, another institute (abroad) or in industry. If you take the internship outside the faculty, your formal supervisor can be the same as in your first internship. You can add up to 9 EC from option D. below to this internship.

Theoretical broadening is possible either within the domain of Natural Sciences, Mathematics or Computing Science as well as courses within (Bio)medicine and from the societal specialisations. Also a minor programme (15-30 EC) of interrelated courses in another domain can be chosen.

D. Elective space (9 EC)
If two internships are taken, up to 9 ec elective space can be added to A, B, and/or C. You need to indicate the duration of the internship before starting.

E. NWI-MOL601: a literature thesis (6 EC)
Usually you will select a topic for this literature thesis in accord with your internship supervisor.

F. NWI-MOL412 Career orientation (1 EC)

G. A Philosophy course (3 EC.)

H. Free electives (6 EC)
Any course at university level OR add to: C. second internship.

* Internships

As a rule of thumb: One week full time = 1.5 EC
30 EC = 20 weeks = one semester
44 EC = 30 weeks = three quarters
53 EC + literature thesis + career orientation = 1 academic year

If you take courses, or work as a teaching assistant during your internship, obviously the time needs to be compensated and the internship takes longer.

By adding elective space D and/or H the length of either internship can be increased. The size of your internship has to be decided before the start of the internship i.e. written down in the internship plan you agree upon with your supervisor.

If you want to prolong an internship that has already started, you need to ask permission from the internship coordinator and the exam board. Prolonging an internship this way can be done by 6 or 9 EC. This rule is meant to prevent both using the internship in the end to use up ‘spare EC’s’ and to prevent internships to be extended ad hoc to ‘do one more experiment’.