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Courses offered by Particle and Astrophysics

Below you will find all elective courses offered by Particle and Astrophysics sorted by semester:

Non-scheduled courses that can be taken throughout the year:
NIKHEF Topical Lectures4 (1 EC)
CERN Summer Student Programme3


1. This course is taught biennially

2. This course is taught biennially, not in 21/22

3. The number of EC points to be assigned to the CERN Summer Student Programme depends on the length of the programme, being given by 6 EC + (number of weeks minus 6)/2 EC rounded down to an integer. The full extent of the programme corresponds to 9 EC. Please contact Prof. dr. S.J. de Jong or Prof. dr. N. de Groot for more information.

4. EC for each 3-day event, 3 times per year