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Career Service Science

Sooner or later you are going to graduate from university. Considering this you might want to ask yourself a few questions: How am l going to find the right job or an interesting internship? What are my options anyway? How will my choices affect my career? And once I have found an interesting vacancy, how do I apply successfully? Career Service Science helps students to start their career.

Career Service Science helps to build the bridge between students and the job market. They offer individual advice, workshops and events and are in direct contact with many different companies. You can register for their online course about career orientation and find internships and vacancies on their website.

Do you have a career-related question? You can make a personal appointment with one of the Career Officers or send an email to careerservice@science.ru.nl

Career Service Science:
E: careerservice@science.ru.nl 
W: www.ru.nl/science/careerservice