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Course overview of the pre-Master Cybersecurity

The pre-Master's programme Cyber Security prepares students for enrolment in the Master's Computing Science, with a specialisation in Cyber Security. The programme is compiled of courses in the field of mathematics, security, and general computing or academic background.

The pre-Master's programme Cyber Security for 2021-2022 has been defined as follows (see below). Compared to last year's programme, there are two changes:

  • The course SOW-BKI104 Calculus (3 EC) has been replaced by NWI-IBC049 Calculus (3 EC, Q1)
  • The course NWI-IBC034 Operating Systems Security (3 EC) and the restrictive choice between NWI-IPC017 Matrix Calculation / SOW-BKI124 Linear Algebra (3 EC) have been replaced by the course NWI-IBC023 Introduction to Cryptography (6 EC, Q1-2).

For questions about the pre-Master, please contact study advisor Perry Groot.