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Courses and exams

Deadlines exist for registering for courses and exams. These deadlines are as followed:

Exams and Resits:

At the Faculty of Science, registration for exams (this also includes resits) is regulated to be at least six working days before the day of exam. If you are not registered at least six working days before the exam, you’re not allowed to take the exam. Registration for resits is not done automatically.

For example, if your exam is on January 10, then we ask you to register ultimately January 2.

Note: Register for resits immediately after receiving a failing grade, so you will not forget to do so.

Working days are all days except Saturdays, Sundays, New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, King's Day, Liberation Day, Ascension Day plus the Friday after, Whitsun Monday, final day of International Four Days Marches Nijmegen, December 25-31.


For exact data, please check Registering and de-registering for courses and exams.

For the Year Schedule, see https://www.ru.nl/science/news-agenda/agenda/academic-schedule/.

Participation Master's exams and registration in Studielink:

Please note that changes have been made to the registration deadlines in Studielink. If you want to have an active registration for a Master’s programme at the first day of the next month, you must register for this Master’s programme before the 20th of the current month (this also applies to the re-registration of your Master’s programme).

For example:

If you want to start (or re-register for) a Master’s programme as of 1 March 2022, you must register in Studielink before 20 February 2022. If you register later than that, you will not be able to start the programme until 1 April 2022. This applies to all registration deadlines, expect for those in August and September. For these the deadlines are 31 August and 30 September respectively.

Consequences for your exams

If you did not register before the 20th of the current month, it is not possible to partake in Master’s exams in the following month because you are not officially actively registered for the Master’s programme.