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Contact Hours

The Bachelor's programme in Artificial Intelligence ensures an average of 15 contact hours per week for the entire duration of the programme, during which you will be supervised by one of our research lecturers or teaching assistants. In addition, you will spend 20-25 hours a week on self-study assignments. The table below applies to the study year 2021-2022. This table doesn't take deviations due to Covid-19 regulations into account.

Contact hours per teaching week LECT*
Total hours

Total hours

B1 (cohort 2021) 23
Semester 1 25 16 9
Semester 2 22 10 12
B2 (cohort 2020) 17
Semester 1 20 10 10
Semester 2 15 8 7
B3 (cohort 2019) n/a n/a n/a
Semester 1 14 10 4
Semester 2 --** --** --**

*LECT = Lecture, Interactive lecture or Question and Answer seminar
*TUTPR = Tutorial or Practical
** There are no scheduled contact hours in the second semester of the third year which allows you the opportunity to study abroad. The entire second semester workload consists of electives and the Bachelor Thesis.