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Societal Impact track

This track is configured  as an open variant track of the specialisation Intelligent Technology in the academic year 2021-2022. It will become an official track in 2022/2023, but students can already plan ahead and start taking the courses listed in the relevant section during year 2021/2022. They are invited to show their interest to the track coordinator (pim.haselager@donders.ru.nl) to further discuss a personalised plan.

Course Code Course name EC
Compulsory Courses - 21 EC
SOW-MKI66 Advanced Academic & Professional Skills 6
SOW-MKI76 AI in the Professional Workfield 3
SOW-MKI75 Applied Machine Learning 6
SOW-MKI67 Ethics for AI 6
Final Project - 45 EC


Internship, and
Research Project

Extended Research Project

Specialisation Core Courses
Selection of 18 EC
SOW-MKI74 Advanced Brain-Computer Interfacing 6
SOW-MKI72 AI for Healthcare 6
SOW-MKI73 AI for Neurotechnology 6
SOW-MKI95 Computer Graphics & Computer Vision 6
SOW-MKI70 Human-Robot Interaction 6
SOW-MKI52 New Media Lab 6
LET-REMA-LCEX06 Text and Multimedia Mining 6

Specialisation Electives 18EC
The availability of these courses for AI students can currently not be guaranteed. Please follow the instructions in the respective course guides and/or contact the track coordinator pim.haselager@donders.ru.nl.

SOW-MKI77 Bias in AI 3
SOW-SCS101 Comparative Societal Questions 3
SOW-SCS210 Diversity in Organisations 6
MAN-MGEM001 Gender, Conflict and International Institution 6
NWI-FMT003E Innovation management 6
NWI-IMC006 Law in Cyberspace 6
SOW-ADSM100 Mobilising Change 6
NWI-IMI003 Philosophy & Ethics for Computer & Information Science 3
SOW-SCS119 Radicalisation 6
NWI-FFIL215 Upgrading the Human 3
Free Electives - 18 EC
Any Master course
SOW-MKI10 Capita Selecta 3
SOW-MKI20 Capita Selecta 6
SOW-MKI62 Research Seminar 6