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A Constructive Learning Environment

Students and teachers are responsible together for fostering an open, inclusive, respectful learning environment that encourages intellectual growth and understanding. Course design, teaching practices, and assessments aim to cultivate an environment in which all students are treated fairly, feel welcome, valued, challenged, and supported in succeeding academically.

The materials and subjects discussed in this course may contain emotionally difficult elements. Study material that could trigger a severe reaction in some people has been marked with content warnings in the course syllabi. This concerns the following topics, which have been selected based on advice from former students, lecturers and literature on this topic: detailed depictions/descriptions of physical violence; sexual violence; detailed depictions/descriptions of suicide or self-harm; detailed depictions/descriptions of (mental) health conditions.

Content warnings are not intended to censure instructors or students, nor invite students to avoid material that challenges them. On the contrary, warning students of challenging material is aimed to help their academic engagement by giving them the ability to take their own health and learning methods into account.

More information about the policy of ACS concerning content warnings can be found here.