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Course index

Course code Course name
LET-RADAR-EN RADAr: Academic Language Proficiency (0 ec)
LET-GESB101-CEH Ancient History 1 (5 ec)
LET-GESB102-CEH Ancient History 2 (5 ec)
LET-GESB3100-CEH Bachelor's Thesis (20 ec)
LET-GESB965 Banished, deported, sold: Forced migrations in global history, 1600-present (5 ec)
LET-GESB964 Between Life and Death: The Extraordinary History of Ordinary People (5 ec)
LET-GESB105-CEH Early Modern History 1 (5 ec)
LET-GESB106-CEH Early Modern History 2 (5 ec)
LET-GESB2108-CEH Environmental History (5 ec)
LET-GESB966 Family Life under Imperial Rule. Everyday Histories of Colonialism, 1650-1950 (5 ec)
LET-GESB2106-CEH Historiographical Debates in European History 1 (5 ec)
LET-GESB2107-CEH Historiographical Debates in European History 2 (5 ec)
LET-GESB2103-CEH Historiography (5 ec)
LET-GESB2109-CEH History in Action: Methods and Techniques for Historical Research (5 ec)
LET-GESB926 History of International Organisations (5 ec)
LET-GESB2102-CEH Identity and Diversity in European History (5 ec)
LET-GESB950 Inleiding in de cultuurgeschiedenis. Steden, stromingen, wendingen (5 ec)
LET-GESB925 Inleiding Politieke Geschiedenis (5 ec)
LET-GESB111-CEH Introduction to Comparative European History 1 (5 ec)
LET-GESB112-CEH Introduction to Comparative European History 2 (5 ec)
LET-GESB103-CEH Medieval History 1 (5 ec)
LET-GESB104-CEH Medieval History 2 (5 ec)
LET-GESB933 Middeleeuwse cultuur (5 ec)
LET-GESB107-CEH Modern History 1 (5 ec)
LET-GESB108-CEH Modern History 2 (5 ec)
LET-GESB952 Op zoek naar de ware Nederlander. De verbeelding van volk en karakter, 1750 tot heden (5 ec)
LET-GESB110-CEH Philosophy of History 5 ec)
LET-GESB951 Politieke cultuur (5 ec)
FTR-OTR763 Religions of the Ancient World. An introduction (5 ec)
LET-GESB2101-CEH Research Lab (5 ec)
LET-GESB931 Romeinse keizertijd: sociale geschiedenis (5 ec)
LET-GESB927 Stem van het volk (5 ec)
LET-GESB932 The Byzantine and Islamic Worlds in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages (5 ec)
LET-GESB2203-CEH Thematic Seminar Changing answers to the 'social question' 1870-1940 (10 ec)
LET-GESB3202-CEH Thematic Seminar Cities in motion: infrastructures and experiences of urban mobility (Europe, 1800-1970) (10 ec)
LET-GESB2204-CEH Thematic Seminar Crime and Social Inequalities, 17th-19th centuries (10 ec)
LET-GESB2202-CEH Thematic Seminar Demonic power, possession, witchcraft and exorcism in late medieval and renaissance demonology (10 ec)
LET-GESB2218 Thematic Seminar Everyday colonial life on the fringe of empire. The Spanish Philippines, 1600-1700 (10 ec)
LET-GESB2220 Thematic Seminar Slavery and Society in the Roman World (10 ec)
LET-GESB3203-CEH Thematic Seminar Sport in politics, politics in sport (10 ec)
LET-GESB000-CEH Tutorage and Study Skills (0 ec)
LET-GESB100-CEH Writing History (5 ec)