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The third year (B3)

In the third year, theory and practice are combined and you will be challenged to apply your knowledge and skills to find solutions to current societal issues. On the one hand, there will be room for further academic specialisation via another thematic seminar and the bachelor thesis. On the other hand, you are able to convert your knowledge into practice via the minor programme.

The third year (B3) Code EC 1 2 3 4
Thematic Seminar Choice* 10 X X
Minor Programme Minor Guide 40 X X X X
Bachelor's Thesis LET-GESB3100-CEH 10 X X
Total 60

More information about the Minor Programme can be found in the minorguide.

*Thematic Seminars:
LET-GESB3202-CEH Cities in motion: infrastructures and experiences of urban mobility (Europe, 1800-1970)
LET-GESB3203-CEH Sport in politics, politics in sport