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PPS Activity Fund

PPS Activity Fund

PPS students can apply for funding to help cover (a part of) the expenses of relevant extracurricular activities. Examples of such activities include visiting a conference, attending a lecture, taking a workshop, inviting a speaker, and organizing a field trip to an institution outside the campus. The fund does not finance the purchase of laptops, books, or other materials.

In principle, the fund aims to cover expenses of up to €150 per student. Applications exceeding that amount have a better chance of being approved if the envisioned activity involves a group of PPS students rather than a single individual. Groups that apply for funding must choose one student who submits the application on behalf of the group, and thereby agrees to be the contact person for the administrative processing if the proposal is accepted.

The fund is managed by the faculty assessor and two members of staff. They constitute the jury that evaluates applications. Applicants will in principle receive a response within 20 working days after their submission has been received. After informing an applicant of their decision, the jury will neither explain nor debate their decision in further correspondence.

- Applications must be sent to assessor@ftr.ru.nl.

- Applications must be a separate file attached to the e-mail, not text in the email itself.

- Applications must mention:

(a) student name

(b) student number

(c) what activity you are asking funding for, plus when and where it takes place

(d) your reasons for wanting to attend or organize this activity

(e) the amount of money that you are applying for

(f) which costs you intend to cover with that amount

Keep your application brief and to the point. Make sure that it does not exceed 300 words in length.

The fund never makes advance payments. If your proposal is accepted, you will receive an email with instructions on how to declare the specified expenses after the relevant activity has taken place. ​