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The second choice involves one for a profile: research, consultancy, or communication. It is important to emphasize that students who choose a communication or consultancy profile are still trained as researchers and that associated learning objectives are being retained. The profiles are properly regarded as profiles within (not as deviations from) a scientific programme. Click on the profile-names to find a description of the profiles in greater detail.

A choice for a profile has consequences for your programme. The consultancy and communication profiles both come with four compulsory courses. Moreover, you will need to include one internship of at least 30 ECs in your programme that specifically relates to your profile. For more information see the requirements in 'Design your Masters programme' . Click here to see the list of BMS courses.

Moreover, the consultancy and communication profiles are managed by their own coordinators, who assume the role of an additional mentor when it comes to profile-specific issues such as the profile internship. Please do not hesitate to contact them (please click on the profiles for contactinformation), should you consider choosing a consultancy or communication profile, or have any questions related to these profiles.

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