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Once you have successfully completed all examinations of the master’s programme in Biomedical Sciences, that is, you have a sufficient grade for every required component of your Master’s programme, then there are still some formalities that need to be completed in order to obtain your MSc degree. In short, graduation requires that:

  1. All components are approved as part of you Master’s programme by the Board of Examiners (at least three months before graduation).
  2. You have successfully completed all examinations of all teaching units (courses, internships, etc) that are part of your programme and all the marks have been processed accordingly (at least 2 weeks before the results-meeting of the Board of Examiners).
  3. You have formally requested admission to the master’s examination. In order to be admitted to the Master’s exam you need to fill in an digital application form in your webfile (a.k.a. webdossier) at least 4 weeks before a result-meeting of the Board of Examiners. You can find more information here. Also check the meeting dates of the Board of Examiners here. You must be registered at the Radboud University Nijmegen (for the correct study programme) up to and including the date of the meeting during which the Board of Examiners assesses whether you have successfully fulfilled all the requirements for the master’s examination.

When the Board of Examiners decides that you have passed the examination, that is, have fulfilled the requirements for obtaining a master’s degree in Biomedical Sciences, then this date entails the date of your graduation. (The date of the graduation ceremony is a different one!) If you do not pass the master’s examination, then you must apply again for a future meeting. You can retract your application up to two weeks before the date of the meeting.


If you have passed your master’s examination successfully, the Board of Examiners will issue a certificate. The presentation of the certificate and the accompanying supplement sheet will take place in public during a graduation ceremony. The dates of graduation ceremonies are published at the Radboudumc website.

Naturally, you will receive an invitation from the Board of Examiners to attend your graduation ceremony. During this ceremony, someone you have worked with and knows you well will deliver a short speech to have a retrospection on you as a student and formally give you your diploma.

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