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Communication profile internship

Assessment criteria pertaining to internships in the context of the communication profile

(NOTE: if you choose for a communication profile, you also need to attend a research internship)

The student is able to:

  1. analyse the societal context of a communicative problem and on this basis explain the relevance of a communicative intervention.
  2. consult with a client to define the goal of a communicative intervention, and on this basis develop a clear and feasible project that should help to realize this goal.
  3. identify and employ appropriate communicative models, instruments, methods, and theories.
  4. explain how communicative interventions match the needs, perspectives, characteristics, and contexts of target groups.
  5. demonstrate how the quality and effectiveness of communicative interventions can be improved.
  6. report the results of a communicative project in a way that is scientifically sound, to all persons involved.
  7. work in an organization with a specific structure and culture without compromising his/her own integrity and expertise.
  8. deliver a concise, persuasive, and transparent oral presentation to communicate his\her findings to persons involved.

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