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Consultancy profile internship

Assessment criteria pertaining to internships in the context of the consultancy profile

(NOTE: if you choose for a consultancy profile, you also need to attend a research internship)

The student is able to:

  1. plan, organize, and complete an advisory project.
  2. identify the relevant (intra- and interorganizational) stakeholders, contact them (acquisition), and motivate them to participate in the project.
  3. elicit, critically assess, and use stakeholder views throughout the policy analytical process from problem structuring till recommending policy actions.
  4. bridge possible differences in stakeholder views and develop alternative solutions.
  5. assess the consequences and feasibility of alternative solutions.
  6. find and use (scientific) evidence wherever that is appropriate.
  7. maintain an appropriate client focus.
  8. retain his\her independence towards stakeholders, including the client.
  9. adequately manage possible negotiations and stakeholder resistance.
  10. communicate his/her advice in an advisory report that features a clear client focus and is well-structured, concise, persuasive, transparent, and grammatically and stylistically correct.
  11. deliver a concise, persuasive, and transparent oral presenta- tion to communicate his\her findings to persons involved.

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