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Introduction to BMS @ Radboudumc

Welcome to the master’s programme Biomedical Sciences.

At Radboudumc we aim to educate the best biomedical scientists with not just a thorough understanding of the molecular, individual and population aspects of human health and disease, but also with unique areas of expertise that allow them to contribute in a meaningful and innovative way to personalized healthcare.

We provide an optimal learning environment for students to become academics who are able to design, plan and perform scientific research and who aspire to contribute to the implementation of new biomedical evidence into practice.

A solid basis in research is offered with close ties to Radboudumc research institutes. Ample opportunities are provided to construct an individual programme and prepare for a preferred career with the help of career profiles in research, consultancy, or science communication.

The programme encourages students to broaden their own perspective in interaction with one another and to do internships abroad to prepare for work in an international context after graduating.