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Elective courses possibilities

Each student has the opportunity to compose his/her personal Master's programme, depending on his/her specific interests. The individual interest is expressed in the choices for research internships and electives. Elective courses can be courses from other Master's and PhD programmes or individual composed elements. Several options are listed below. All electives need to be approved by the Board of Examiners. A list of approved courses (from the master Biomedical Sciences and Medical Biology programmes) is available from Brightspace. The choice of electives is not limited to this list! If you choose courses not present on this list, you need to include a copy of the module description in your study plan when you ask approval.

  • FNWI coursesare listed in the Prospectuses for Medical Biology Masters, Molecular Life Science Masters etc., which are available online at https://www.ru.nl/studiegids/.
  • Radboudumc coursesare listed in the Prospectuses for Biomedical Sciences and Medicine, which are available online at: https://www.ru.nl/studiegids/2020/fmw/. Please note that the number of places available in these modules are limited and registration needs to be arranged in time.
  • External coursesmay be MSc or PhD student courses. MSc courses can be taken free of charge, when a student registers for a second study. Students may apply at the OMT-MMD (education management team) for some financial allowance. Please send a request letter by email to the programme coordinator.
  • Individual courses, see below.