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Students' participation

The student's voice is essential for improving educational programmes at Radboud University. Students' participation is embedded within the organisation at several levels. The Radboud University students' participation website gives a clear overview of the organisation: Legal affairs, Counsellors & Advisors.

Within the MMD master's programme:

  • Education Management Team:

One student is a member of the education management team of the master's programme Molecular Mechanisms of Disease. The student member is elected by the fellow students and changes in October/November of each year. More information: contact the programme coordinator.

  • Programme Committee:

The Programme Committee ("Opleidingscommissie") is assigned to advice the Executive Committee (Raad van Bestuur) about the Education and Examination Regulations (OER). Besides, the committee dedicates itself to advice about educational affairs, for example the revision of the course programme, the study load, the consistency of the programme and course evaluations.

The MMD Programme Committee consists of three students and three members of teaching staff. The students are elected by the other students in a formal election organized by RU in October. The students change in October. Ideally, 1) at least one of the students speaks Dutch, (many documents from the Executive Committee are in Dutch only), 2) both first and second year students are members.

The meetings are also frequented by the director of the master's programme to advice on the matters discussed. More information: contact the programme coordinator.

Within the Faculy of Medical Sciences

  • Faculty Student Council (FSR):

The Faculty Student Council is elected by students registered with the Faculty. The Medical Sciences Student Council (SOOS) has eight members. The Faculty Student Council consults with the Dean. The Dean convenes meetings and fixes the agenda in consultation with the Student Council. The Faculty Student Council has right of consent on the following points:

If the Faculty Student Council does not agree to a proposal, the Dean or the Faculty Student Council may submit the dispute to the University Board.

  1. the implementation of quality care in the field of education
  2. policies relating to students and student facilities in the Faculty.
  • Student assessor:

The student assessor attends Education Board meetings and has an advisory vote. As the assessor is part of the Education Board, he/she is well informed about current affairs. The student assessor advises the Faculty Student Council and the programme committee and is an important source of information. In addition, the assessors from all faculties consult with the University's Rector Magnificus on a regular basis.

Within Radboud University Nijmegen

At university level, there is a University Student Council, which has regular meetings with the University Board and the university's Employees Council. The University Student Council has the right to approve several matters that are essential to students, such as the Students' Charter and the Financial Support for Students regulations. The University Student Council has its own Website with a wealth of information and the current composition of the University Student Council: http://www.ru.nl/usr. (website in Dutch only)