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Individual programme and study plan

Each student has the opportunity to compose his/her personal Master's programme, depending on his/her specific interests. The individual interest is expressed in the choices for research internships and electives.

To have a clear overview of the individual Master's programmes, the Board of Examiners requires an individual Study plan of all students. In this way, the individual components of the programme (such as internships and elective courses) can be approved before the start of the component. The student is responsible for submitting his/her (preliminary) Study plan in time. Approval  for a Study plan may be obtained as follows:

  • During the programme, student and mentor discuss which internships and elective courses are appropriate and of interest to follow during the master's programme.
  • All courses, including individual components (internships and electives), are to be mentioned on the "MMD Study plan" form, available from Brightspace and from StIP. This preliminary Study plan is discussed with the mentor.
  • The (preliminary) Study plan, signed by the student, must be submitted to the secretary of the Board of Examiners (via TOPdesk) at least two weeks before the Board of Examiner's meeting in which students want the Board to discuss and decide on their applications.
  • The preliminary study plan is assessed by the Board of Examiners during their meeting. The Board of Examiners notifies the students in writing of their decision, shortly after the Board meeting.

When the Study plan has been approved, the students can start the approved components.

The Study plan contains:

(1) a summary of all courses to be followed;

(2) title and choice of internships (MMP2A1 or MMP2B1);note approval of internship work plans is handled via Osiris Case;

(3), if any, description of individual components (signed by student and teacher/assessor of the component).

Changes and additions to the preliminary Study plan can be made at any time but have to be approved by the Board. In all cases, the summary (1) must be submitted. The separate forms of already approved internships and individual components do not need to be resubmitted. Changes may involve addition or removal of an elective.

Approval for internships needs to be handled via Osiris Case, students are requested to open the Case and upload the internship Work plan (specifying research question and plan of investigation) at least 3 weeks before the Board of Examiner's meeting in which students want the Board to discuss and decide on their applications. Additionally, the internship Work plan needs to be submitted to the Board of Examiners via TOPdesk at least two weeks before the Board of Examiner's meeting.

Elective components which have been approved by the Board of Examiners and graded 6 or more or Pass cannot be withdrawn from the individual Study plan. See Rules and Guidelines of the MMD programme.

Submit the new Study plan for approval at least two weeks before the Board meeting in which you want your plan to be discussed and decided upon. Please clarify (in italics or bold) what the changes are.

As the individual master's programme will become clearer, the Study plan becomes more and more concrete, to result in the final Study plan. This final study plan needs to be approved in the meeting (in most cases in May) of the Board of Examiners before the graduation.

The final Study plan contains all components that are part of the Master Examination, adding up to at least 120 EC. The Board of Examiners uses the final approved Study plan to determine the result of the Master Examination accordingly.