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Mentor system

Mentor system

At the start of the programme, each student will be assigned a Mentor whom they will meet with regularly. The student is responsible for arranging meetings with the Mentor.


The Mentor provides support and guidance to enable the student to carry out his/her learning process within the specified timeframe. The Mentor will monitor progress of the student with respect to his/her specific learning goals, ambitions, interests and results in the educational components and give feedback; the Mentor can advise the student regarding his/her choices for the elective subjects and internships; the Mentor stimulates the student to reflect on his/her learning process and to improve him/herself. In particular, the Mentor will act as mediator should conflicts arise during any phase of the programme. Individual reflection issues can be discussed and confidentiality will be maintained if requested by the student.

Participation in three student-mentor meetings in the first year, and the final meeting in the second year is obligatory for students. This needs to be documented by uploaded signed reflection reports in the mentor Brightspace course. These meetings are part of the Learning trajectory personal and professional development (MED-MMCOA).

Preparation of the meetings: reflection/evaluation reports

Students will need to prepare the meetings by writing a short reflection/evaluation report (max. 400 words). Evaluations may in a later phase also be used for evaluation of the programme, unless the student objects. The reflection/evaluation reports must be mailed to the mentor at least one week before a scheduled meeting. After the meeting, mentors will sign the reflection/evaluation report and the student has to upload the signed report to the Brightspace mentor course (MMD Mentoraat).

Guidelines mentor meetings

Although the content of the meetings will depend on the student's needs, several subjects need to be discussed in the meetings. This will help the student to make the right choices in the individual master programme. These choices are described in the study plan afterwards, which is to be approved by the Board of Examiners. The subjects to be discussed in the meetings are summarised below.


Mentor meeting 1


Early September

during Introduction course

Subjects meeting:

·         First contact

·         Expectations MMD master

·         Possible knowledge gaps

Mentor meeting 2


Last week of October

Subjects reflection report:

·          Expectations of the MSc MMD

·          Reflection on personal strengths and weaknesses (knowledge gaps, specific interests, integration into group, communication, team role)

Subjects meeting:

·          First evaluation

·          Discuss evaluation/reflection report 1

·          Planning first internship

Mentor meeting 3


Mid November

Before/during writing of workplan first internship.

Subjects reflection report:

·        Evaluation theoretical courses (period 1-3)

·        Ideas for research training period 1 and elective courses year 1

Subjects meeting:

·        Discuss electives for first year programme (January-July)

·        Discuss Research Training Period 1

·        Discuss evaluation/reflection report 2

Deadline study plan:

End of November

Subjects study plan:

Work plan research training period 1, elective courses first year

Mentor meeting 4


End of March/beginning of April

During 1st Research Training Period

Subjects reflection report:

·       Evaluation theoretical courses period 4, masterclasses

·       Reflection start of research training period 1

Subjects meeting:

·       Midterm evaluation Research Training Period 1

·       “Traffic light” internship supervision

·       Discuss Year 2 Electives for period September-December

·       Discuss topic Research Training Period 2

·       Discuss evaluation/reflection report 3

Subjects study plan:

Electives year 2; Workplan research training period 2


Mentor meeting 5



Subjects reflection report:

·                Evaluation/reflection Res. Training Period 1

·                Evaluation elective courses

·                Evaluation 1st year

Subjects meeting:

·                Discuss Research Training Period 2

·                Discuss evaluation/reflection report 4

Subjects study plan:

Workplan research training period 2, electives year 2

Mentor meeting 6


Early March (if abroad, by telephone/video conference)

During 2nd Research Training Period

Subjects reflection report:

·       Evaluation (elective) courses year 2

·       Reflection start of Research Training Period 2

·       Career planning – what next?

Subjects meeting:

·       Midterm evaluation - Research Training Period 2

·       Discuss evaluation/reflection report 5

Deadline study plan:

April 2022

Subjects study plan:

Final study plan: this must be approved now to graduate in August

Mentor meeting 7



Final contact

Subjects reflection report:

·       Evaluation Research Training Period 2

·       Evaluation of total MSc study (conclusions about expectations reflection report 1)

·       Career options

Subjects meeting:

·       Evaluation of the complete programme and future directions

·       Discuss final evaluation/reflection report

Deadline study plan:

August 15; (Application master examination - deadline all grades; final study plan has to be handed in April)

Subjects study plan:

Final Study plan and Application master examination