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MMD educational themes

The MMD programme is organised along three major educational themes with both, a fundamental and a disease-related aspect:

  • Theme 1: Immunity, Infection and Inflammation / Immunity related disorders and Immunotherapy
  • Theme 2: Metabolism, Transport and Motion / Metabolic Disorders
  • Theme 3: Cell Growth and Differentiation / Developmental Disorders and Malignancies

The MMD educational themes reflect the main research areas within the RIMLS. RIMLS research is divided into 12 Radboudumc research themes, see http://www.rimls.nl/themes/ for a detailed theme description. Detailed descriptions of the individual research groups and (principal) investigators can be found on the Radboudumc website https://www.radboudumc.nl/en/radboud-institute-for-molecular-life-sciences/organization/our-researchers.

During the master's programme, the order of the educational themes can be different. Each theme comprises one core fundamental course (MMxCF) and one translational course (MMxTR). Each year two masterclasses are scheduled related to two of the educational themes. The topic of the masterclasses changes each course.