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Procedure for Bachelor internships Biology

Carefully follow the described stepping stones below in order to find, correctly register, start and finish your bachelor internship:


  1. Find an internship position at a research department (internal/external), institute or company. See 'Searching for an internship'.
  2. Arrange a first and second assessor and optionally a daily supervisor (Examiners)


  1. Fill-out the template internship proposal with your first assessor (Registering your internshipForms).
  2. Register your internship in Osiris case two weeks before the start of your internship the latest (Registering your internship). If agreed on an external internship, make sure you fill out the Internship Agreement Form (pdf, 425 kB), and upload it in Osiris Case. See also here.
  3. Start your internship (Starting your internship)

Start & Finish

6. Arrange a mid-term evaluation with your first assessor and/or daily supervisor (Forms)

7. Finish your report and present your findings (Finishing your internship)

8. Submit your report in https://thesissubmission.science.ru.nl/ (Finishing your internship)

9. Evaluate your internship, report and presentation with your first assessor and second assessor (Finishing your internship)

If you have any questions or remarks regarding your internship, please contact the internship coordinators (Ilse Arnoldussen and Tina Reilink), via internship.biosciences@ru.nl