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Registering your internship

Your internship has to be registered and approved in Osiris Cases (Osiris Zaak), at the latest two weeks before your internship starts. In Osiris cases you …

  1. start a Case in Osiris. Instructions can be found here (pdf, 161 kB).
  2. contact your examiner as soon as possible and fill out the template for internship proposals (see bachelor-internship forms ).
  3. provide details such as the name and email address of your examiner, second reader and external supervisor in Osiris cases and in the filled-out template for internship proposals.
  4. check table 1 to select the correct course code.
  5. fill-out the correct examiner and second reader (See Examiners).
  6. when completed, submit your case at the latest two weeks before the start of your internship.
  7. the internship coordinators will check your proposal.
  8. when your proposal is approved, you will be registered for the course in Osiris.

Of note, internship coordinators evaluate your internship proposal and approve it in Osiris when sufficient (See internship requirements and guidelines). If you have any questions regarding your internship proposal please contact the internship coordinators (internship.biosciences@ru.nl).

Table 1

*There are several course codes for several types of internships:

Study programme

Course code



Weeks (fulltime 40 hours a week)


NWI-BB-STAGE, BSc Bio research internship




One bachelor internship can be extended with 3 EC (app. 2 weeks (12 weeks in total) without permission of the examination board in agreement with your examiner and daily supervisor.