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Lab courses and study materials


All textbooks are available at the study association BeeVee with a discount for members. For questions, ask BeeVee. You can also choose to order your study books at the bookstore/online for original prices.

With your student card you can also borrow books free of charge at the Library of Science and all other libraries on campus. They also have a lot of study literature available as e-book! For more information, please check https://www.ru.nl/library/library/library-locations/library-science/, send an email to infobfac@ubn.ru.nl or ask a librarian in person.

Lab manuals and laboratory notebook

In case you need a lab manual, your course coordinator will communicate to you how to obtain one. You may need to pay a small fee.

For experimental lab work, you also require a laboratory notebook. The first one will be made available to you by team Educational Support Biosciences (HG01.333; edusupport.biosciences@ru.nl). If you require a new one, you need to purchase one yourself. You can also buy one via BeeVee.

Lab coat

For any lab class you have, you can borrow a lab coat from team Educational Support Biosciences. These labelled lab coats are available in the wardrobes. However, you can also choose to buy your own personal lab coat from BeeVee (make sure to write down your name and student number on the inside, so it will not get lost in the bunch).

Microscope and small lab necessities

During your first Bachelor year you will be using a microscope extensively. Therefore, you need to rent a personal microscope (including a locker and locker key) from team Educational Support Biosciences (HG01.333; edusupport.biosciences@ru.nl). A deposit should be paid upfront. At the end of the first year (or at the end of your course(s) in case you only follow one/a few first year Bachelor courses that require a microscope), the microscope and locker key need to be returned to team Educational Support Biosciences. If the microscope is still intact and you have the locker key, you will receive your deposit back.

In case you require a microscope for second/third year Bachelor courses or your Master, these will be made available for you in the lab.

Some small obligatory experimental necessities, like a dissection kit and a good lens (10x magnification) are available at BeeVee.