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Procedure and registration

The registration of your thesis will go via Osiris Cases (Osiris Zaak). It is therefore not possible to directly register for the course in Osiris.

  1. Start a Case in Osiris some weeks before you start your thesis. Instructions can be found here (pdf, 161 kB).
    For an external thesis (at a company), it is recommended to have this form (pdf, 425 kB) signed by the company first (you have to fill out the first three pages yourself) and upload it in your Osiris Case.
  2. Contact your assessor (approved examiner, see Examiners) as soon as possible and fill out the form. You will be asked to provide details such as the name and email address of your first and second assessor (approved examiner), and to upload an thesis plan which describes the subject, criteria, and the time frame (1/2 to max. 1 page).
  3. Do your thesis and write your report.
  4. Once you have completed your report, please upload the final version to http://thesissubmission.science.ru.nl.**
  5. Your first assessor (approved examiner)* will receive the document by email. Once your first and second assessors have assessed your report, they will hand in your grade to the administration. You can then look up your final grade in Osiris.

** When internship and/or thesis is confidential, the content cannot be shared by other parties and therefore you must have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). When you need to upload the internship report/thesis, you can choose whether your report/thesis is part of an NDA or not. If yes, your report/thesis is stored confidentially on the faculty servers and no plagiarism check is performed. When the company/university you are doing your internship/thesis at does not agree with storage on the faculty servers, a ‘Declaration of storage of thesis for Review committee’  must be uploaded instead of your report/thesis (this declaration can be found by your supervisor (examiner) under 'Forms' on Radboudnet). In this form, the company/university declares that the thesis/report will be stored for 5 years and will only be (confidentially) shared for possible review by the Examination Board.