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Programme of B3

The specialization phase of the Bachelor’s in Molecular Life Sciences continues in the third year. Don't forget to take Philosophy and the Writing course at some point. You also continue to follow the MW-Colloquium series for Academic Skills.
The first semester of the third year is designated as the Faculty’s minor and exchange semester. The education minor (in Dutch) is scheduled in this semester. See the separate minor prospectus for a more detailed description.

The course MED-MIN16 Translational Neuroscience is an FNWI-MED interfaculty course of 12 EC during the first semester. You need to register for this course is in April of your second year. An information meeting will be announced in time.

Courses are given in Mo-Tue, Wed, or Thur-Fri. The most relevant courses are shown below. When choosing courses you should take your prospective Masters programme into account as well as the teaching  and exam planning.

Students who started before 2019 should follow the proper amount of priority courses, designated "P". A full list is given here. Please also see your previous course guides.
Current third year students must take at least 18 ec of courses in the list on the next page.

Some courses have a limit to the number of participants.

1st Quarter
  • NWI-BB080C Neural Basis of Motor Control (6 EC - P) NB
  • NWI-MOL107 RNA Structure and Function (6EC - P) ME/HB/CoL
  • NWI-BB086 Genomics, Health and Environment (12 EC)
       (Mon-Tue + Thu-Fri, limited access, 6 EC - P) ME
3 EC courses, generally on Wednesdays
  • NWI-MOL100 Spectroscopy of Biomolecules (3 EC - P) CoL/MedChem
  • NWI-FCEM02B Writing about Science (3 EC)
  • NWI-FFIL101 Philosophy 1 (3 EC) - Physics themes
  • NWI-FNWI015 Elementen van Bètaonderwijs (3 EC)
  • NWI-BB011B Biology and Society (3 EC)
  • NWI-MOL171 Physical Organic Chemistry 2* (3 EC) MedChem
  • NWI-MOL173 Chemical Biology Lab (3 EC)
    Check presumed foreknowledge
  • MED-MIN16 Translational Neuroscience, continues in second quarter (max) (12 EC)* NB
  • NWI-MOL168 Biomolecular Architectures (6 EC) ME/HB/NB
  • NWI-MOL095  Organic chemistry 3 (6 EC - P) CoL/MedChem
  • NWI-MOL104  Medical biotechnology (6 EC - P) limited access, max 25. ME/HB/NB
  • NWI-BB086 Genomics for Health and Environment (12 EC, 6EC - P) ME
    * Registration in April of your second year
2nd Quarter
  • NWI-MOL053 Pharmacochemistry (6 EC - P)
  • NWI-MB024C HERA (environmental risk analysis) (6 EC)
  • NWI-BB039C Neurodevelopment (6 EC) NB
  • NWI-BB084B Molecular principles of development (6 EC - P) ME/HB/NB/CoL
  • NWI-MOL175 Panorama Science & Society 2 (6 ec) continues in Q3
3 EC courses, generally on Wednesdays
  • NWI-BB028B History of Biology (3 EC)
  • NWI-MOL096 Metalorganic chemistry (3 EC) MedChem
  • NWI-MOL087C Synthesis Lab 3 (Wed + Thu-Fri) (6 EC)** MedChem
  • NWI-FFIL101 Philosophy 1 (3 EC) - Molecular topics
  • NWI-FC0042B Debating science & society (3 EC) *
  • NWI-FNWI014 Betawetenschappelijk onderwijs in context (3EC)
  • NWI-FNWI013 Ontwerp van Onderwijs in betawetenschappen (6EC)
  • NWI-GCSE001 Climate Change (3 EC) *
  • NWI-GSCE002 Energy and Sustainability (3 EC) * CoL
    * No limited choice elective
    **  within schedule of MOL087C there is room to also follow
          a concurrent 3 ec course
  • MED-MIN16 Translational Neuroscience, continuation from first quarter (max) (12EC)* NB
  • NWI-BB088 Biological Invasions (6EC) HB
  • NWI-BB097 Infectious Diseases (6EC) HB/CoL
  • NWI-MOL078 Nanobiotechnology (6 EC - P) (max. 100) CoL
  • NWI-BB021B Neurobiophysics (6 EC, MAX 40) NB
  • NWI-MOL087C Synthesis Lab 3 (Wed + Thu-Fri) (6EC)** MedChem
    **  within schedule of MOL087C there is room to also follow
          a concurrent 3 ec course
3rd Quarter
  • NWI-BB025B Principles and Practice of Human Pathology (6EC) ME/HB
  • NWI-BB036B Applied Ecology (6EC)
  • NWI-BB043B Plant Genome Analysis (6EC)
  • NWI-BB089 Quantitative Bioimaging (max 30) NB
  • NWI-BB092 Neural Basis of Cognition and Perception (6EC) NB
  • NWI-MOL055 Molecular basis of Diseases (max 96) (6EC) HB
  • NWI-MOL109 Chemometrics for Molecular Life Sciences (6 EC - P) CoL
  • NWI-MOL093 Stereoselective synthesis (3EC) MedChem
  • NWI-MOL169 Catalysis (3EC) MedChem
  • NWI-MB023C Man & Nature: present, past & Future (6EC)
3 EC courses, generally on Wednesdays
  • NWI-BB019B  Immunology (6EC) (max 135) ME/HB
  • NWI-BB020C Animal Adaptation Physiology (6EC)
  • NWI-BB081B Cognitive Neuroimaging (Brain dynamics) MAX 60) (6 EC) NB
  • NWI-BB064B Functional Genomics (6 EC -P) ME/CoL
  • NWI-MOL054 Toxicology (6EC)
  • NWI-MOL175 Panorama Science & Society 2 (6 ec) continuation from Q2
4th Quarter
NWI-MOL200A Bachelor Internship (12 EC)
NWI-MOL086 Academic skills (3 EC) final assignments
NWI-FFIL100 Introduction to Philosophy and Ethics (3 EC - Wednesday) (Biological topics)
NWI-FCEM02B Writing About Science (3 EC - Wednesday)
NWI-MB021B Intr. Geographic Information Systems (6EC)
NWI-MOL066 Structure, Function and Bioinformatics (6EC - Thu-Fri) ME

Writing skills, Philosophy, Academic skills

  • NWI-FCEM02B Writing about Science can be taken in any quarter but the second quarter.
  • NWI-FFIL101 Philosophy is scheduled in the first (Q1) and second (Q2) period
    Q1: aimed at physics topics, in Dutch
    Q2: aimed at molecular topics, in English
  • NWI-FFIL100 Philosophy is scheduled in the fourth period and treats topics from biology, in English
  • NWI-MOL086 Academic Skills: towards the of the fourth period you evaluate your Bachelors education  and write a plan for the future. After discussing this with your academic mentor, the course in Academic Skills is completed and awarded with 3 EC.